ALWAYS ALREADY is a full-service design office that produces spaces, installations, objects, and systems. Our work values tactile experiences and a connection to place. Our process is guided by making. Our interests and experiences span a breadth of disciplines from fine arts to economics and everything in between, and we see it all as integral to our design practice. We aim to create spaces that make people feel good mentally, emotionally, and physically, and ground all projects in sound ecological practices.
Founder Eliana Dotan, AIA, has a breadth of experience in both renovation and ground-up design developed through her time at General Assembly Design, Allied Works Architecture, Studio Olafur Eliasson, and the firm she founded prior to Always Already, Dotan Gertler Studio. She has a Master of Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and a B.A. in Fine Arts and Economics from Brandeis University. Eliana is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at CCNY Spitzer School of Architecture, and has juried reviews and lectured at MIT, RISD, McGill University, Barnard College, and Harvard GSD among others.

A note on our name:
The ALWAYS ALREADY is a condition that has continued without an identifiable beginning. Once a certain place in time is achieved, places in time earlier are unthinkable. In our design process, we work toward solving problems through discovering what was always already embedded in the project at hand. And once built, we hope that our projects, in their striking contemporariness, feel like they were always already there...

Carly Gertler (Co-Founder Emeritus)
Aaron Menninga
Isabella Norris

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